Notes by Ben

Notes by Ben

Ben Thomas plays the vibes and bandoneon, and composes music.

The Mystagogue

Power -it’s here by the truckload.
John Barrett, Jr. / Jazz USA

Seattle vibraphonist Ben Thomas offers a swinging, pulsing quintet sound on his second release. Thomas augments his core vibe/piano quartet with one of three clarinet and saxophone players on most of the tracks on the record, lending a ever-changing fifth voice to the ensemble, yet displaying overall coherence and imagination. The rhythm section enlivens things with off-kilter swinging support and hot latin grooves.


  1. The Mystagogue 8:35
  2. Whatever Stupid 6:39
  3. Still Livin’ with Mama 5:28
  4. Melody for Mr. Mike 7:09
  5. Bridge at White Creek 5:23
  6. Tomorrow Night 5:38
  7. Dragonfly 3:46
  8. Loochy 5:13
  9. Dorothy’s Green Slippers 6:15
  10. Dragonfly (reprise) 2:32


Ben Thomas – vibes
Laura Caviani – piano
Clipper Anderson – bass
John Bishop – drums

Eric Likkel – clarinet (1,2,4 etc.)
Rick Mandyck – tenor sax (2,6 etc.)
Mark Piszczek – soprano sax (Etc.)