Notes by Ben

Notes by Ben

Ben Thomas plays the vibes and bandoneon, and composes music.

News and Updates

Atlas Tango East Coast Tour

Atlas is hitting the road again, this time with Grammy-winning Emilio Teubal on piano!
It’s so great to be out performing with these fantastic musicians again.
Check out our dates at:

New Album: Eternal Aporia

Today’s the day. The official release of my new album, Eternal Aporia, on Origin Records

All original compositions mixing tango with a bit of jazz and chamber music. With Eric Likkel, Steve Schermer, Gretchen Yanover, Jonathan Geer, and Brandon Vance all sounding freakin’ fantastic.  

We’ve rescheduled our album release show for April, but in the meantime, check this out!

Within: new video from Redwood Tango

Here is a video from Redwood Tango Ensemble‘s new album, which we released last week. Charles Gorczynski’s music continues to be some of the richest I’ve ever had the chance to play. Enjoy!

New Redwood Tango Album

In 2019, I went on a week-long retreat with Charles Gorczynski and Redwood Tango just outside Mt. Rainier. We workshopped his new material and then went to London Bridge Studio to record it. The album is finally out and it’s amazing! Enjoy.

New Quinteto tune

The Quinteto finished another quarantine recording. This time, it was a tune by the Sorcerer, Hermeto Pascoal.
While we’re looking forward to all being in the studio together at one time in the future, remote recording has been a fun process and we’re coming up with different things as a result. Enjoy!

A fuego lento, bass clarinet and vibes duet

As with many of us, Eric and I are still trying to navigate making art in COVID times. We had a blast doing this version of Salgan’s tune, which we based on Juan Pablo Navarro’s arrangement for violin and bass.

Tiny Orchestral Moment w/ Tony Levin!

Steve Ball has completed another version of his Whales project, this time with Tony Levin.
It’s not often that you get to play with your childhood bass hero. Victory!

Tango Sin Fin needs your help

The great tango organization Tango Sin Fin is asking for financial help to continue their work in education and publication. They have been publishing important historical works as well as contemporary new work of the highest quality.
Here is a brochure explaining the work they do and why it’s so important.
If you believe in the importance of tango music, please join me in supporting this vital group with whatever financial support that you can.

New Video with Tiny Orchestral Moments

Last week, I got to add a few vibes tracks to a video project put together by Steve Ball and Tiny Orchestral Moments. So far, there are musicians from 5 different countries, and Senegal and New Zealand are up next. It’s nice to be able to still make music, despite the challenges of the Time of the Virus.